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LIVE In New York With John Maucere And Sidekick Paul Raci
October 21, 2011, 4:36 pm
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Things are kicking up with shows scheduled in New York with Sidekick John Raci, with actor and talk show host John Maucere once again taking the reins, with six very special guests scheduled to appear. As exciting it is, they are the notables Matt Hamill, Rosa Guzman, Douglas Ridloff, Nyke Prince, PattyO, and Sean Berdy. For fans who watch television with their favorite coffee mugs, look no further than the door entry of The John Maucere Show; LIVE in New York City with Paul Raci because a special limited edition of coffee mugs will be sold at the show, which will feature a picture of Maucere and his signature on it. Raci, who will entertain along with Maucere will do a Foo Fighter rock song in American Sign Language (ASL) at the show, which appeals to both deaf and hearing audiences. While Raci is a CODA entertainer, the talk show will have a voice-over interpreter so that the show can be equally accessible to everyone that watches it. Please buy tickets online by going online to and if you have PayPal, tickets are only $11 while it is $15 at the door. While you are sipping your coffee mugs and the date gets closer to October 29-30, 2011, don’t wait before purchasing your tickets online, and the beauty of using the Internet is that you can hit two birds with one stone – by purchasing a ticket online and spreading the word about our show on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social sites you are on. Maucere and Raci looks forward to getting loose on stage for your entertainment!

John Maucere Interview with iDeafNews anchorman Seth Gerlis
October 7, 2011, 11:17 pm
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As John Maucere continues his entertainment career, he is not only bringing laughter to Deaf audiences but to hearing audiences by having a CODA sidekick join him onstage, the complimentary Paul Raci, which makes The John Maucere Show extra appealing and exciting for all fans. As he reaches the pinnacle, people want to know more about the show and news anchorman Seth Gerlis of set up an exclusive interview with Maucere to highlight his talk show persona and the addition of a sidekick. The Maucere and Raci duo is certain to send audiences home inspired by the reality environment of talk shows, whether or not they know American Sign Language, sidestepping yet another barrier that once was almost inconceivable. Maucere was elated in being interviewed by iDeafNews because it is growing in popularity as viewers tune into news about Deaf people, Gerlis certainly has a mission to share news to the Deaf communities all over the world. iDeafNews are captioned, so hearing viewers can check in with the Deaf news and in this interview, they will be able to learn what CODA sidekick Raci is doing with Maucere in the upcoming show, “Live in New York, The John Maucere Show with Paul Raci,” scheduled for October 29-30, 2011. Please visit to watch the exclusive interview!

C.A.D.’s 50th Biennial Celebration Capped With A Healthy Dose Of The John Maucere Show
August 17, 2011, 12:18 am
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John Maucere


Laughter is the best medicine life offers and John Maucere came to bring exactly that. The C.A.D. organization has lived on for a century and Maucere enjoyed being part of C.A.D.’s history by hosting The John Maucere Show at the Hank Klopping Theater recently at the 50th Biennial Conference in Fremont, CA on August 12, 2011. Not only laughter but an electrifying presence on stage was what actor Maucere wanted to deliver in bringing a rush of anticipation to the audience. Once you’re in the audience, the anticipation is, “will the spotlight be on you?” That brand of entertainment brought raving reviews from those in the audience, for certain that will ignite some brainstorming backstage. The presence was not felt only on stage, but throughout the C.A.D. conference.

Audience quotes:

Brenda Lyons, CUPE’D’s Executive Director (Cultivating Unity Pride and Empowerment of the Deaf) – “I look for energy from the very onset of any performer. John’s entrance was contagious filling us with great anticipation, and his rendition of different cultures’ way of speaking (mouthing) was absolutely hilarious! I am a huge fan of mixing performance with video material. It brings the message into focus by doing a good job with a healthy mixture of media: sounds, stills, and video clips. I don’t think there is a dry eye in the audience from all of us laughing so hard.”

Stan Smith, former teacher at California School for the Deaf (C.S.D.F.) – “This show is right on target with their improvisational style, John Maucere seemed to have clips already prepared (like the picture of car on C.S.D.F. campus), that was creatively exhibiting their talent in entertaining. He is really witty delivering clever anecdotes on Deaf culture, with irony style. Apparently, in customizing the show script, they inserted some last-minute additions adding more ooze to the audience.”

Ralph Singleton, C.A.D. President – “John is so audience-friendly. He makes a point of acknowledging his audience by picking out people he knows and joking about them, he joked about N.A.D.’s (National Association of the Deaf) President Howard Rosenblum, N.C.O.D.’s CEO (National Center on Deafness) Dr. Rosen Roz, and whoever else was in the audience. I loved how he tried to entice the audience to guess what the sound vibrated like on one clip which turned out to be falling cans hitting the surface. He completely fooled the audience!”

Michelle Ottinger, Sprint representative and local Deaf coffee chat host – “I sensed John has a great rapport with the audiences everywhere he goes and I loved feeling the beat of the music while he was on stage, along with other sound effects during the show.”

Dr. Henry “Hank” Klopping, recently-retired Superintendent of C.S.D.F. -“He was uncanny incorporating the audience into the show, we were a part of the show as much he was. When he started the jokes, electric currents filled the house.”

John Maucere to Host The John Maucere Show at C.A.D.’s 50th Biennial Conference
August 3, 2011, 5:16 pm
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John Maucere



Burbank, CA., August 3, 2011 – As a native Californian, John Maucere is always more than pleased to perform in his home state, and he recognized California Association of the Deaf (C.A.D.) was hosting its’ 50th Biennial Conference, resulting in being invited to appear as a special guest by hosting The John Maucere Show for one evening on August 12, 2011 during the 3-day event. Maucere, a stand-up comedian, will entertain with a performance that reminiscent of the Jay Leno Show, and he looks forward to bringing humor to those that support C.A.D. and have come to celebrate its’ 50th Biennial event. The performance will take place from 7pm to 8:30pm at the Klopping Theatre, named after the recently retired Dr. Henry Klopping, who was Superintendent at C.S.D.B. – C.S.D.F. for 36 years. Klopping Theatre is at California School for the Deaf on 39350 Gallaudet Drive, Fremont, CA 94538. For more information, please check and navigate to the John Maucere Show link on the lower right of the home page.

John Maucere Teams Up With DawnSignPress For Filming
August 1, 2011, 6:19 am
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John Maucere



Burbank, CA., July 31, 2011 – Actor John Maucere headed for San Diego, CA for filming in collaboration with DawnSignPress (DSP), publisher of American Sign Language (ASL) materials based in the nice seaside city for the book “Signing Naturally,” from July 31 to August 4, 2011. Maucere will be one of the subjects in the book. Maucere, who signs in American Sign Language, looks forward to completing the project contributing to the language that millions of the Deaf, hard-of-hearing, or hearing people use, taught in classrooms at colleges that offer ASL courses. “Signing Naturally” is one of the leading series for ASL instruction, published by DawnSignPress, which owner and CEO Joe Dannis heads. Ella Mae Lentz, Cheri Smith, and Ken Mikos authored the book .

John Maucere’s Personal Facebook Page Makes Way for Official Fan Page and SuperDeafy Fan Page Effective August 1, 2011
July 30, 2011, 8:33 pm
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John Maucere



Burbank, CA., July 30, 2011 – Facebook, one of actor/comedian John Maucere’s favorite social websites, is a very instrumental tool in helping him stay connected with his beloved family, friends, and fans; it is about to become one of the major tools in the growth of John Maucere’s fan base. Maucere wants his fans diverted to his official fan page by deactivating his personal Facebook. John’s personal Facebook will close on August 1, 2011, and remain visible but people will not able to post in it. Now all the friends and fans can see more of John Maucere’s cinema life and people can become new fans of his by pressing the “LIKE” button of his official fan page and the SuperDeafy fan page. Spread the word to your friends, classmates, and all others to go into his official Facebook fan page and to check out the SuperDeafy fan page, and to become a fan on His Facebook pages.

Official John Maucere Facebook fan page

Official SuperDeafy Facebook fan page

John Maucere’s New Updated Fall Tour Schedule for Upcoming Shows
July 14, 2011, 5:48 pm
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Actor John Maucere held shows both in America and Europe nearly all year in 2011, and now is ready for the fall tour, ready to unleash more of his expertise – pure entertainment in both American Sign Language (ASL) and International Sign Language (IS). To find the new updated schedule, go to to see where John Maucere will be performing with SuperDeafy popping up in some of the events. In please become a fan on Facebook! Fans are what makes SuperDeafy fly and John Maucere alive on stage, fans are the heartbeat of this show!

For more information, visit and the “Become a fan on Facebook” link is on the bottom left of the home page.


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